People at an Exhibition

a Photo Essay by Joel Mandelbaum

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Artist Statement

The photographs in this exhibit span the years from 1968 to 2003. I did not, however, conceive of the idea for this show until about 2001. I have long enjoyed taking candid photographs of people, and I have long enjoyed going to galleries and museums, so the match seemed a natural one. People interact (or don't interact) with artwork not only in an emotional way, but also in an aesthetic way apparent to a third party. This relationship is greatly enhanced by the space in which the work is shown. I have tried to portray the relationships shown in the Venn diagram below, with people being the only single essential element

My record keeping was at best poor. I would like to recognize the artists whose work is seen in this show; I would greatly appreciate it if anybody recognizes any works of art in these pictures and would let me know either by leaving a message here or by contacting me at

Thanks are of course due to my wife, Ruth, who did all the framing, matting, and mounting and much of the legwork for the show. I would also like to thank the Arts Society of Kingston for allowing me to present this show and for their help in setting up the show.

Aquarium Fence Girl and Dolphin Man and Frame Cigar and Einstein
The Installation Chicago Museum Kids Antlers Art and Rest
Faces and Masks Sketches Armor Boys Painting in the Louvre
Girl, Bike, and Marilyn Girl and Bust Metro Thinker Girl and Statue
Man and Goat Two Men and No Goat Que Seurat Sera Look Up
Look Down Silhouettes on the Wall Sidewalk Artist Color and Crowd
Balcony Scene Close Up Photographers at an Exhibition Down the Up Escalator
Panoramas Vatican Steps British Museum Warhol and Guard
Woman in Red British Lion and Citizens Brown Bumps Main Gallery Mass MoCA
Escalator Boy Reflections in a Photograph Show in a Cube Self Portraits
Defiance Part 1